New year's resolutions 2011

For some reason, my resolutions for a new year mostly get implemented without any active work by me.
It's quite odd. Maybe I am aware of these objectives subconsiously ? Let's hope that this trend continues!

My newyear's resolutions for 2011 (in no particular order):

Build the wargame for HES2011

Apparently, the HES2010 wargame that I created last year was an overwhelming success. So much so that a lot of people have asked me to create the wargame for HES2011 too. I was already working on it of course, but it's still nice that people request it explicitely ;)

Eat less meat!

At the Dranouter festival in August 2010, I saw an interesting presentation from a guy who said that if everyone would be a vegetarian half of the time, that would be the same as half the population being a vegetarian. Less animals get killed and noone has to stop eating meat completely. A very appealing thought! So, I will make an attempt at eating less meat. Maybe I can participate in the "Vegetarian Thursday" initiative

Visit Australia

If I have enough vacation days that is... I would like to visit Australia and meet up with some friends there. Maybe I can go to Ruxcon 2011 :)

Continue work on my CNC machine

Do some decent work on my PhD

Find a new house

Release information on my master thesis from last year

play more party games