HDMI splitting and switching

Ah, it's been a while since I've posted anything in English...

2 Days ago, my TV broke down. I have no idea what caused it (and I haven't even looked whether or not the fuse blew out), but I don't really care.

This is what the current situation looks like:

I have a satellite decoder which outputs an analog signal on a SCART cable to my (now broken) TV.
I also have a PS3 connected to a projector using HDMI, and a PC with a DVI output on its graphics card connected to the projector with a DVI to HDMI convertor cable.

This setup has a couple of annoying side-effects: I can't watch TV on the projector because it doesn't have an HDMI output. I also can't play PS3 on a screen in broad daylight, because my TV can't process HDMI input.

A possible new solution is this one:

If I can buy a satellite decoder which outputs HDMI, I could connect it to a HDMI switch together with the PS3 and the PC. If I can then get a HDMI-capable monitor (that supports HDCP for the PS3), I could hook it up as an output to the HDMI switch together with the projector.

What will this setup cost me ? I will need the following:

digital satellite decoder

Philips HD DSR 7121/7122 of TV-Vlaanderen, 300 euro

HDMI capable monitor

Acer 24" Wide H243H, selected because of low power consumption, 255 euro

HDMI switch 3->2

HDMI 4x2 True Matrix Switcher v1.3 w/ 35m Signal Repeater Equalized Chipset, 100 euro(?)

3 more HDMI cables

100 euro(?)

Total: 755 euro.

Maybe a bit steep, we'll see...