Looking for free Linux 3D CAD software

I can't draw. I must admit it, I suck at drawing. That's why I've been looking for some CAD software that can do 3D, runs on linux and is free.

I haven't seen anything really useful yet, except for VariCAD but that is closed-source and expires after a 30-day trial :( I'm truly impressed with VariCAD after seeing the demos, so much so in fact that I even thought of buying a license. Unfortunately the price is a bit steep for me: 500 euro.

The next best thing was to look for a key generator. I found 3 of them, which after a closer look, appeared to be the same one but rared in a different way. Running the keygenerator resulted in nothing at all. Fortunately for me, I run all Windows junk in a virtual machine. I noticed a lot of network-traffic when running this key generator, which is of course suspicious unless the application had to go online to fetch somne data.

So what is going on ? Well, I have downloaded an oldfashioned trojan which extracts all passwords from my system and uploads that data to an FTP server together with the license keys of Windows and some other applications I have installed.

Here is the server and login data, in case you want to have fun with it:

Username: blubb
Password: pflaumenbaum

Oh, and the server runs Serv-U 6.4 for winsock, which is probably vulnerable...

Have fun.

PS: I removed my data from the server ;)