Back to the books

If word hasn't reached you yet, I'm going back to university fulltime for a Masters degree in engineering science: computer science.

I was asked to put together a schedule for myself, totalling 120 points and spread over 2 years. Each year should have 60 points, each semester should have about 30 points. All in all a difficult task. To make things worse, my university doesn't have schedules per course in any usable format. Instead, the schedules are rendered in some table-style spaghetti, loaded heavily with javascript and a lot of "please wait while loading" screens.

I wrote a perlscript to convert the schedule of a certain course to iCal format, so I can load them into my Evolution calendar.


If you need help getting it to work, send me a mail.

Anyway, I've created a schedule for myself and sent it in. These are the courses I would like to follow this year:

And this is for next year (Excluding the 24point thesis):