Ever since last year when I started driving my car, I've been gaining weight. Not being able to go running because of a weak right knee hasn't helped things at all.

So I've sortof decided to go on a diet and keep track of the things I eat and the calories I burn. Unfortunately, I haven't found a free tool to do this with yet.

There is a database online, compiled by the US Department of Agriculture that described the caloric content of thousands of foods. I've written a parser according to the specifications of that database and was able to parse most of the data. It seems there are bugs in either their data or their specs. But I'll mail about that later...

A program that uses this data already exists in Ubuntu, called nut-nutrition. But it's not very userfriendly. I want to do something about that and am writing a python program with a GTK GUI. Hopefully I can show off some screenshots and code soon :)