Designing a BBQ

After a whole year of welding class, I'm able to weld pretty well. So now I need a project to use that new skill. Since the summer is coming up and my current BBQ is kindof small, I've decided to weld a BBQ set. It will be bigger than the one I have now, rectangular and most importantly: I will be able to fold it together into a suitcase.

To test if my design works, I made a smallscale version (scale 5 to 1) with cardboard and tape. It took quite a long time, but I'm happy with the result.

Creating the metal square tubing in cardboard:

Some unexpected visitors:

Constructing rectangular frames for the support structure:

Making the BBQ box for the coals:

Linking the frames together with joints (actually tape):

Attaching the BBQ box, first attempt: FAIL!

Attaching triangular supports to reinforce the base:

Making and attaching the closing lid of the "suitcase":

All done!

I'm going to the hardware store tonmorrow to see what kind of materials I can use to make this, and how much it will cost.