"Symbain OS" UserAgent in ISA Server 2006 EE

Our Microsoft Exchange setup is terribly complicated. So much so that I've somehow stumbled upon a Microsoft typo in something most of you will never come across.

The object description of FPCUserAgentMapping refers to "Symbain OS", which should obviously be "Symbian OS" or even "SymbianOS".
And this is really not a bug in the documentation:

PS C:\> $arr.RuleElements.UserAgentMappings | where-object {$_.UserAgent -like "*ym*"}

PersistentName : {5DED74B6-C22E-4a11-9702-27EBB340AF1B}
VendorParametersSets : {}
UserAgent : *Symbain OS*
Description :
Enabled : True
FBAFormsType : 2
Order : 4

Thomas Shinder has also noticed and provided a fix for this typo some time ago, but it still exists. I don't know if it was reported to Microsoft, but I will try to do so now


The official way to report bugs to Microsoft is by phone. Since I can't make international phonecalls from my desk here, that will not be an option.

After a search on the (slow) Microsoft supportsite, I found a knowledge base article called "You cannot access Outlook Web Access that is published by ISA Server 2006 from a mobile device that runs the Symbian operating system".
If Microsoft knows about this bug, why isn't it fixed yet ?