Gnome Planner

In anticipation of my (almost) 2 month holiday coming up this summer, I have decided to take a look at Gnome Planner so I can make efficient use of my time and pack it full of cool projects.

[Man, what kind of a geek am I anyway ? I should spend summertime chasing girls and bathing in the sun. But hey, I guess I can plan for that with Gnome Planner]

I've used Gantt charts before and I'm pretty familiar with planning (although you wouldn't believe it), but I would really like to have some kind of tutorial for Gnome Planner so that I can make optimal use of all of its features. The main website doesn't offer much information and a quick search on google doesn't reveal any obvious information pools.

I have now just discovered that there is a "User Guide" built into Planner, which contains enough information to get me started.

If all this goes well, I hope to finish a LOT or projects this summer ;)