Looking for blog client software

I am in need of a blog client that works together with blogger.com. The web interface could be called nice (I like how it saves a draft of my post every so often), but it lacks some fundamental features. For example, I would like to include images in my blogposts. On drupal, I could use filters to link my blog to a gallery2-style image album. There is no such plugin on Blogger. And that is why I am looking at blog clients.

If I can find a blogclient that works with blogger (which uses Atom API), I would like it to have the following features:

Now there, thats not too much to ask is it ?

I found a python blog client called Firedrop2, but it doesn't seem to support Blogger.
I installed python-gdata again to see if I could hack something together. I ran into the same problems with python-gdata and python-elementtree. There is bug report that describes my problem and postulates a solution. Oddly enough, this fix has not been applied to the ubuntu package yet, although it has existed for some time.

The python-gdata package is so obviously broken, that I don't understand that noone is paying attention to it. I've posted a bugreport to raise the severity of the previously reported bug. The result will probably be a "fixed in the next version" reply, which would sortof work for me since the next release of Ubuntu is about a month away.