Phase 2: upgrading singularity-backup-server

I said in some earlier post that I don't use the singularity-versioning functionality very much. But that doesn't mean having different versions of my files is overkill.

In my current setup, singularity-versioning automatically versions all the files in certain directories using bazaar-ng. Then I also have a singularity-backup-client package installed on the client, which provides a script called by singularity-backup-server on the backup server.

I want to combine all of the above: I will drop singularity-versioning and use rdiff-backup in singularity-backup-client/server.

Rdiff-backup can take a backup incrementally and store each difference in a separate file. So, I have backups of all my files AND I can go back several versions if I wish. No need to keep a local repository, everything is done on the server.

The first test to see what running rdiff-backup feels and looks like, failed with:
Warning: Local version 1.1.5 does not match remote version 1.1.14.

Apparently, this is a known issue and won't be fixed at all.

I guess this rules out having an older version of Ubuntu on my server, or even runinng Debian stable on it...

In my setup, the server initiates the backup and pulls it off the client. The problem with this approach is DHCP. My client (laptop) can get a new IP from time to time and the backup-server should be notified of that.
I'm thinking of either dynamic DNS, but I don't have access to the DNS server (well actually, I do, but I don't want to dirty it with my own concoctions), or letting the client connenct to the server from time to time to inform it of its IP address.