a project TODO list

OK, I'm lazy today so I'll just post the IRC-log here

11:11 <@Steven> if I ever buy a house, it will rebuild it for this :P
11:11 <@Steven> the entire house will be computercontrolled
11:11 <@Steven> and of course, it will be a wargame
11:12 <@Steven> woah!
11:12 <@Steven> just had an idea
11:12 <@Steven> I can make a scaled version of such a home
11:12 < morla> yeah, i kneew one dude who was doing stuff with this eurobus, or how its called
11:12 <@Steven> and keep hamsters in it
11:12 <@Steven> big brother with hamsters
11:12 <@Steven> and computer controlled house
11:12 < morla> loool
11:12 <@Steven> perfect for a wargame
11:12 < morla> webcam ++ stream!
11:12 < morla> now!
11:12 <@ErZo> Steven: If you buy a house... put 1-wire sensors EVERYWERE :D
11:12 <@Steven> indeed
11:12 <@Steven> ErZo: yeah
11:13 <@ErZo> You could even log like, when windows were open and doors and shit
11:13 <@Steven> thats the idea
11:14 <@Steven> motion sensors and everything
11:14 <@ErZo> awesomeness^3
11:14 <@Steven> but before I do all that
11:14 <@Steven> I'm finishing my vacuform
11:14 <@Steven> and the pic programming
11:14 <@Steven> and the wallplotter
11:14 <@Steven> and the lawnmower
11:14 < morla> heheheh
11:14 <@Steven> and then the catchaser
11:14 <@Steven> and only then will I do the house
11:14 < morla> yeah^
11:14 <@Steven> ;)
11:14 <@Steven> btw
11:14 <@Steven> Scissors sounds like a good name for a robotic lawnmower
11:15 <@Steven> maffia-like
11:15 <@andrewg> cue "i wish my lawn was emo, so it would cut itself" line
11:15 <@Steven> haha :)
11:16 <@Steven> that could be it's bumper sticker
11:16 <@andrewg> hah
11:16 <@andrewg> nice
11:17 <@Steven> ;)
11:17 <@Steven> oh oh oh
11:17 <@Steven> I also have the coffeemachine thing in mind
11:17 <@Steven> it will speak htcpcp