wooden frame

Another trip to the hardware store !

This time, I went looking for things to construct the plastic-holding frames with. Many vacuform-builders use square metal tubing. A meter of metal tube of 15 by 15mm costs 4 euro. Since I need 8 of those (2 frames), that would be 32 euro. It's probably worth the money, but I'm not sure I can build the frame without destroying something. To construct a metal frame, I'd need to weld pieces together, or at least braze them together in case of aluminum.

To play it safe, I will construct a wooden frame first. I bought 10 pieces of 210cm each: 18mm by 36mm. I bought 10 of them because that only cost me 13.30 euro if I bought them together.

I also got 8 L-shaped profiles (60mmx60mmx18mm) for 4 euro in total. The profiles come with screws.

Later today I hope to begin the construction of the frames.

I've also noticed that they sell nice hinges at the hardwarestore, which I will probably buy to create the lever-system. More on that later...