disassembled and cut at 45 degree angle

The loadcarrying planks (carrying the big 102cm squares) of my frame did not fit together inside the metal L profile, so they had to be cut at a 45 degree angle.

At first,. I tried using an electric mitre saw, but it did not have enough space underneath to cut the entire plank at once (9cm). The result was this:

That wasn't good at all. After some advice from a friend of mine (Bob), I decided to buy a circular saw that could be tilted at a 45 degree angle. To lock down the planks, I used a bunch of scrap wood screwed to an old wooden work-table that the former tenants of our house left in the basement.


I didn't count on the guide-bar of the circular saw being so short, so had to fix the setup a bit and remount the scrap wood a little.


The result: A nicely cut 45 degree side.
The screwed up plank got fixed this way too:

And now the supporting planks fit nicely together in the frame:

I cut all the planks now, but didn't assemble the entire frame yet. Instead, I took everything apart and will assemble it in the basement. The livingroom (while it's a nice place to work) is not the right place to do this kind of stuff.

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