VirtualBox and some notes

Instead of running VMWare on my laptop, I will use VirtualBox as a virtual machine thing. The reason ? It's open source and there are Ubuntu/Debian packages for it. The only thing that bugs me about it right now, is the complicated setup to get bridged networking. I will probably create singularity-virtualbox wrapper packages to deal with that.

And for the notes... I've been using my new laptop setup for a while now, and some things bug me. First, I need to fix the EncFS setup so rtin doesn't complain. To do that, I need to toggle IV chaining mode for the filenames (either turn it on or off, not sure). EncFS bitches a lot in paranoia mode, and I don't need that :)

Also, I need to get the automute feature working.

My laptop needs to send it's IP to the backupserver somehow, because I work with DHCP and my IP changes all the time. So for the past week or so, I have no backups of my laptop.