buying some stuff

I went to the store today and bought everything needed to build the base. (Pictures soon to follow)

1 MDF panel 244cmx122cmx12mm cut up into 2 102cmx102cm squares and 8 10cmx102cm rectangles.
Due to an error of the guy operating the cutter, they are 9cm wide instead of 10. But that's ok

I also bought 4 2m long metal L profiles to serve as the corners, a box of 75 bolts and nuts ("6" wide, pretty sure thats not the diameter, 2.5cm long) and 3 bags of 20 round metal plates (not sure what the are called in english) each.

Total cost: 84.07 euro

Construction will most likely start tomorrow, because there's too much sun out there today to not be enjoying it :)

I had to go back to the hardwarestore to buy some tools ;) A couple drills, some sandpaper and a planer

Here are some pictures of all the stuff I bought, including how they all fit inside my small car ;)