time to deploy

The cleaningcrew was so nice to powerdown my desktop computer at work today. I understand that they need to clean my desk from time to time (even when I do it often enough myself) and I can even live with the fact that they throw all my stuff on a pile when they clean. But powering down my computer ? Damn you !

Well, it's been a couple of months since I last rebooted my desktop computer, with a "couple" being in the 2-digit range (hey, it's linux! Rebooting is an invention of Microsoft)

So it was no surprise that my desktop machine didn't come back the way it should have... For some reason, the bootup sequence just froze when trying to start Apache2.

Instead of debugging the problem, I just ignored it and went on with my business of moving boxes around. (Moving our entire lab to the other side of the building, quite an intense job)
I decided to boot an Ubuntu CD and make a backup of all my important files. It took all day... While it was backing up, I used my laptop as workstation and was quite happy to do so. It's nice how things just work in Ubuntu.

So, instead of trying to get my desktop back in working order, I will probably move ahead of schedule and just install Ubuntu over it. The desktop machine will serve as a base-station for my laptop (to do backups and that kind of stuff), but I see no reason to run Debian on it anymore.