evolution crashes, beagle crashes, what's next ?

As I reported in a previous message, I packaged the encrypted filesystem setup, the auto-versioning setup and the auto-backup setup. That wraps up phase 1 and 2 of the new laptop installation.

I was working on phase 5: calendar and timesheet system, which involves setting up a calendar system for meetings, birthdays and the like, and integrate it with my timesheet system (karm).
What I wanted to do yesterday, was to look around in evolution a bit, to see what I can do with it.

But when starting evolution, it just falls on its face and crashes. It seems like org-gnome-evolution-startup-wizard plugin located in /usr/lib/evolution/2.8/plugins/ is the main cause of that. SO after just moving the lib and eplug file from that directory to /tmp, I was able to startup evolution. It didn't last long though. After a few clicks, evolution crashed...
I would have sent an email through the bugtracker, but my email is not configured in that vmware.

So that's when I installed and started beagle to see what it can do. It's supposed to have a plugin system to search inside unknown filetypes, and I wanted to check that out.
No such luck. Beagle crashes aswell.

What's going on here Ubuntu ? Is Ubuntu Edgy being neglected because Feisty is coming up next thursday ? Meh...

Maybe I'll just look into the VPN part for now...
Or maybe nothing at all, since it's going to 24 degrees outside :)