versioned backup reviewed: version 1.2

I'm not happy with the versioned backup phase I have now. The versioned directories idea is a good one: I don't have to be too careful about changing files or even deleting them. The files are versioned so I can always revert to some previous version.

What I'm not happy about is the way I plan to do backup. Why should I just backup the versioned directories and not the rest ? If it's on my laptop, it's probably important data so it should be backed up aswell.

This brings me to the point that I want to backup my entire laptop. Or well, the partitions that I have Ubuntu on anyway.
I'm not sure yet about Windows, since that partition will not be mounted all the time...

So the "versioned backup" phase should probably be split in 2: "versioned data" and "backup".

The backup should be incremental and it should work over a flaky network since I don't plan to be online all the time.
My desktop machine on the other hand, will be on the wired network permanently. It will also have a central backup account on the Tivoli Storage we use at work. So, I just need to mirror my laptop to my desktop, and the data should be safe.

Someone mentioned boxbackup to me as a good way of making backups. Unfortunately, it does not have Ubuntu packages :(

sbackup however, is supported by Ubuntu and comes with a GNOME GUI to configure it, and restore files.

I've also looked at a way to keep track of projects I work on automatically. The favored candidate is GnoTime, but it can't keep track of what I do automatically. It also looks like it can't be minimized to the taskbar. It looks like there is no alternative to Karm and thus I will use it. I've thought about creating a GNOME karm clone myself, but that would get me sidetracked. The most important thing right now, is that I get my laptop up and running the way I want it.

I will have to integrate the karm timesheets with my evolution calendar system, but that's not for now.