scripting notify-send

I don't feel like adding a line like

notify-send /usr/share/app-install/kalarm.png "some title goes here" "some other text goes here"

to every cronscript I write.

Instead, I'm going to create a small script that I can call. That script should maybe also create a logfile, in case I can't read the message before it disappears.

The script I have right now, is a bit small.


# make_popup <icon> <title> [<text>]


notify-send -i $HOME/images/$icon.png "$title" "$text"

I also create a directory "images" in my homedirectory, where I can store nice icons to use in my notifications.
I've found a couple of pretty ones in my standard ubuntu installation.

I should probably make a package out of this when I find the definitive form.


Here's a screenshot: