new desktop: phase 2 and more ideas

I can't continue the documentation of EncFS+libpam-encfs untill I get back to the office tomorrow morning (I don't have VMWare Workstation here).

But there's no harm in looking at phase 2 of my new desktop environment.

I'm going to look at using subversion to keep an up-to-date backup of my laptopfiles on my main desktop PC, versioned.

It seems like this guy had a similar idea, so I'll be looking into that. I can use the nautilus-script-collection-svn package in ubuntu to integrate subversion with nautilus (the filemanager in Ubuntu)

I had some more ideas for my desktop environment.

Last year, we were part of an "experiment" to keep track of what we did all day long in a timesheet. The timesheets were then processed and poured into pie-charts so "management" has something to gaze it while they meet. I managed to blow off the entire project because it was of no use to those who actually record the data and I was able to convince my boss of that. However, there are rumors that this type of thing will come back sometime soon...

Like last time, I want to divide my desktop in multiple desktops, one for each project I work on. I want to have some program that keeps track of how much time I spend on each desktop, thus calculating the amount of time I spend on each project. That data should be stored in a database on which I can perform a couple queries.

I'm not sure yet if I want to store the database on my laptop or not...

Another idea is to install a bug tracking system on my main desktop.
It's actually the first item on my never-shrinking TODO-list: install a bug-tracking system to serve as an online TODO list.

I want to give my colleagues to be able to submit "bugs" to me that get tracked automatically. That way, even when I'm not around, they can report bugs in my systems using a structured way instead of leaving post-its all over my desk.