Some more soldering

Yesterday I soldered an IDC connector to a network cable. In the same spirit (and to practive my soldering) I soldered a bunch of metal pins to 2 10cm long networkcables.

I stripped the pins from the connector of an HP Laserjet memory module I liberated. They are about 2.5 or 3cm long and are very solid. There are 20 of those pins, enough to equip 2 8-wire networkcables with a pin for each wire. The goal ? To have something rigid to plug into a solderless breadboard. It's actually a trick I learned from my grandfather.

The first 8 wires went very well, as you can see on the pictures. For the second cable, I cut off the connector and some length from another type of cable I had lying around. The wires in that cable were of some sucky metal that broke easily. After a whle I just gave up on that and exchanged the piece of cable for on with copper wires. I didn't go as well as the first time either, but at least the soldering held.