Some time ago, I was looking into controlling a LED panel we have here, through my computer. Now that my new site is setup allright, I can actually show some pictures of it


Also, instead of using a bunch of wires to connect my K8000 to the LED panel (or other circuitry), I decided to use Cat5e network cable. It has 8 wires and pretty standard RJ45 connectors on it. I will cut off an RJ45 connector with 10cm or so wire attached, strip the wires and attach it to my K8000. Next, I can attach an RJ45 coupler to this connector and plug in a longer cable. This makes it easier to move my setup around without fear that cables might break or get in a knot.

On the LED-panel side, I also use a 10cm cable with RJ45 connector attached. The wires from this cable are soldered to a 20-pin IDC male connector (flat cable). I can plug in the flatcable coming from the LED-panel into that, connect a RJ45 coupler to the RJ45 connector on the other side, and run a network cable between the LED-panel and K8000.

Pictures of the soldering I did (I know, I'm not a star :P)