this war on terror thing

I was going to write about the fun I had at the paintball shootingrange today, but I'll do it after this post.

Ever since the USA failed to stop 2 planes flying into their prize-towers, they have been waging war against terrorism. According to them, and now the entire global opinion because everyone watches hollywood-journalism, terrorism equals islam and is sponsored by all those countries that drill up oil and sell it to the west.

The USA has been sending troops all over the place, making up evidence as they go to prove that their intervention is needed. After invading Afghanistan to hunt down Bin Laden, at which they failed, they focused on Iraq for no apparent reason except that Bush Senior had a bruised ego for not being able to kill Saddam Hussein. While the USA was trying to squeeze in some "democracy" into Iraq (And I put democracy in quotes because I don't believe in enforced democracy), a civil war broke out that demolished the country. And THEN, the USA came crawling back to the UN demanding that a peace-force was established so they could clean up the American mess. I'm suprised the entire UN didn't point at the USA and cry "HAHA, We told you so", but that's a totally other story.

Anyway, while the USA was trying hard to make up evidence to convince the world that Iran was infested with terrorists and weapons of mass destruction, the unexpected happened. Israel invaded Libanon !
Oh what a slap in the face for the USA. The prodigy child they had been supplying weapons for suddenly went bezerk and attacked their neighbour because 2 soldiers were kidnapped. Ever since then, Israel has been fighting the Hezbollah, killing hundreds of people. The USA, now totally confused because the attention is no longer pointed at them policing the world, is unable to stop this war. Israel no doubt paid a lot of attention to it's guardian parent USA when they thought they could just do anything and blow up half the planet for no good reason.

I wonder what's going to happen with all this. Today, some Egyptian terror group declared that they were joining forces with Al Qaeda. So instead of wiping out terrorism in the world, the USA has made things terribly worse.

So now I was wondering. If terrorism is sponsored by all those rich countries selling oil, can't we just wipe out terrorism by no longer buying the oil from them ? Someone invent some alternative powersource damnit ! Those rich countries will be third-world countries in a nano-second and the terrorists will no longer have money to buy weapons. End of story, the entire planet wins.

Of course, that would not fit well with the USA government because as we all know, the companies in the USA run the government, including companies that actually sell oil.

Boy, I would love to see Bush and friends fall flat on their faces. But I don't think it will happen anytime soon...