fileserver again

I just came back from the computer store.
The shopkeep was very cooperative about trying out Linux on the Gigabyte 6-Quad motherboard. In fact, he called up a friend and asked to test it for me, right there on the spot. Very good service :)

His friend didn't have any Linux CD handy though, so the shopkeeper will test it himself tonight.
I ordered the rest of my hardware already so I don't have to do all that later on.

If Linux works on the 6-Quad, I'll buy it in combination with a core2 duo E6400 processor. In order for me to find it adequate, Linux will have to support at least both SATA controllers and the GBit NIC. The audio would be nice too, but I read that support for it will appear in the 2.6.18 kernel.

So, in case the 6-Quad fails, I'll have to look out for another motherboard. The one I had in mind (MSI K8N Diamond Plus) would be preferable, were it not that AMD started using a new socket type for it's processors (sAM2) and I will probably have to pick another motherboard for that.

The shop has 4 sAM2 motherboards, all from MSI.
1 of these is no good since it only has 4 SATA2 connectors.
So that leaves me with MSI K9N Platinum, MSI K9N SLI Platinum and MSI K9N Ultra.

Mainboard PCI slots PCI-e slots AGP slots SATA ports PATA ports LAN ports video audio Price
MSI K9N Platinum 3 4 0 6 1 2 X 122,50 €
MSI K9N SLI Platinum 3 4 0 6 1 2 X 155,00 €
MSI K9N Ultra 3 4 0 6 1 2 X 99,00 €

All the mainboards look strangely alike. So in case the 6-Quad doesn't work out, I'll go for the cheapest MSI motherboard.

On a more positive note, the store had the Hauppauge PVR500 in stock, and I bought it :)