Besides 1 or 2 colds that I get every year, I rarely fall sick. But when I do, it's a fullfledged viral circus.

This year's circus started with the feeling of being thirsty, *all* *the* *time*. I was so thirsty that at some times, I couldn't even speak. At the same time I was feeling so lightheaded that I barely knew where I was. All of this combined with a cough that gave me a headache and which yesterday turned into a cough that almost took my lungs out. The last couple days though, I've been troubled by slimes in my lungs. It's worst when I wake up, because all of the slimes have built up on the side of my throat (the part deepest in my lungs). So when I wake up, it slides in the wrong direction and almost makes me suffocate.

Sooo, this is probably the most depressing and disgusting thing I ever wrote.
First time for everything.