"You have to install this adware with BSplayer" Oh yeah ? *clickety*

After stripping both main gateways at work a couple weeks ago, I ripped all the hardware from them and assembled a nice desktop machine. I installed Ubuntu on it and everything was great. Birds were singing, the sun was shining and also, I had ice-cream!

Tristan wanted to install this game he bought through eBay called Championship Manager (a football manager game) and for that, I needed Windows. After resizing the (9GB SCSI) harddisk to have some free space for Windows, I set out to look for a Windows 98SE CD. The original Windows 98SE CD I had was eaten by my old computer after it elegantly EXPLODED in the CDROM-drive. (Really, we still laugh about how the Windows CD crashed itself even before it was installed).

So there I am, on the interweb. My good friend google soon located a Windows98SE ISO, which I downloaded of course. After the terribly slow CD-RW burning is done, I discover that the CD is in fact a copy of a Mexican Windows 98SE.

Well, it couldn't be that bad, could it ? Things like "Microsoft Windows" are translated to the same thing in Spanish. "No" and "Si" are also quite understandable. Even things like "Continuar", "Instalar" and other friends are interpretable. However, I must have made a wrong turn somewhere because after rebooting, it appeared my Ubuntu was totally gone.
To make matters worse, the game wouldn't run under Windows 98SE (Even a multicultural version like mine! At least the errors were in English that time.)

I thought Windows XP would run on my hardware like a fat pig up a hill on a burning summer-day, but it's quite allright.
The only thing I miss in this Windows, is a decent movieplayer. I just plain don't like MS Mediaplayer.
So I download the player I've always trusted: BSplayer.
Installation goes as I expected, except that after I agree to the license, this pops up: "To use BSplayer for free and support our future development you must keep Save! software on your PC".

What. The. Hell.

"You can remove Save! from your computer at any time in the "Add or Remove Programs" section of the Control Panel. To uninstall Save!, you must also uninstall BSplayer."

Et tu, Brute ? BSplayer has succombed to the adware bussiness ??

So sad :( The only good mediaplayer out on the internet seems to have beefed itself up with bloat- and adware. Beefcake!

Dear Mr. BSpayer author, you have lost all my respect. Not only will I not install your excellent player with the added bloatware and adware cruft, I will find myself a mediaplayer that does all the same things AND without the cruft.
My PC is not a place where you can dump your trash and make money of it. kthx.