current stuff: postscript editing

I've been too busy to write blogs lately.
It appears it's been about 2 weeks since I wrote one.

Lemme try to remember what I've done since then...

June 7th, I went sailing with a couple friends. It was a while since I did anything of the kind. There was a nice wind blowing, lots of sun and I steered all day ;)
June 9th was a quiz with cheese and wine. We lost (7th place out of 10), but was still a good time.

I planned the re-installation of our main gateways last week and was able to give it a try this tuesday. Of course, as I expected, I overlooked an important part of the routing and had to give up the attempt. Yesterday (wednesday) I had it all working and the switch went smoothly (unlike tuesday when half the university network went down for an hour)

I got a projector for free a couple days ago which I set up at home. The color alignment is off, and it can't be corrected. But it's still better than nothing.
Since this month it's world championship football, I wanted to try playing TV on the projector. We only have 1 TV-tuner (besides the TV and VCR) at home, and it's not installed in my computer.
It worked though, by recording TV with mencoder to a fifo, catting that file in a netcat and reading from it over network into mplayer. Having TV projected on a wall is very nice :)
It reminds me why I wanted to buy that new fileserver...

After installing the new gateways, I was once more sick of labelling cables (at least 4 cables per machine, 2 labels per cable) and looked around for an alternative. I found sheets of labels that are suitable for a laserprinter and I created a postscript file to print labels.
Today I'll see if I can get a nice logo on it, just for the fun of it. I managed to get an image into the postscript file (with the colorimage directive), but 1 argument is still a mistery to me: the matrix. I know it has something to do with the positioning of the image, but I can't find any documentation of it. The matrix consists of 6 numbers instead of the 4 I expected. The numbers inside also don't represent vectors... it's puzzling. But at least I know it has something to do with a local coordinate system. The picture can't be moved around with the moveto or rmoveto directives: I have to use the matrix.
Hopefully more information on this blog during the day ;)

I hope the weather clears up before the 1st of july. I planned my holidays from July 1st till August 21st. Quite a long time, but I think I can spend it well.
I plan to get my drivers license. I've been practicing my parallel parking and am pretty good at it now. So all thats left is driving around in the city.