random gayness

I spent yesterday evening reading the OGRE3D 1.2 manual. And I didn't learn much from it. Most of the documentation (about 180 pages of it I believe) is focused on how to create and adjust material properties of objects inside OGRE. I can find no documentation on how to make Ogre react to user input (Mouse, keyboard, ...) however.

Well then, I'll have to look into it some more later on.

Today I compiled the grsecurity patch in the kernel I use for this laptop. Of course the debian packages are available at http://www.singularity.be/debian_d610.
After booting, I found that Debian Sid doesn't like grsecurity very much. For some random gay reason, at least 1 library is compiled in a way that expects executable stack. From what I can gather, the Debian packagers don't seem very eager to fix the problem.

I hope they can be persuaded to make Debian more secure. I've been using it for ages and I like it very much. It would be a shame to switch to another distribution, just because Debian doesn't want to be secure and I do.