new clothing

The end-result of cleaning is a clean room or house.
It's too bad that cleaning takes so much time though.

I've cleaned out my entire room. All my furniture was out of there, I cleaned with my new vacuum cleaner, threw a whole lot of stuff out and now everything is shining clean.

Because I got sick of cleaning from time to time, I started working on a decent theme for this site. It's not final yet :) Instead, this is the theme I've created for a new site I'm working on. More details when its finished.

While cleaning, I found a box with some birthday-stuff in it I wanted to send to a former friend (definitely post stage 5 by now, for at least 1.5 years). I've done the effort of looking up her home address, but the box is still here. Why ?

I remember a similar incident with a former friend 7 years ago. Her gift never left either...

Maybe I thought "why bother ?". Why would they care that I went throught the trouble of putting thought in a gift, buying and wrapping it ? If they don't want to keep contact, are they worth it ?

I place a lot of value in little things. I've kept an empty carton of cigarettes in my drawer for years, because someone I knew wrote a message on it for me while at a pub. I have a little bag of tea hanging on my wall, reminding me of a promise someone once made to drink tea together. I still have the key from someone's bike, she borrowed it to me because I was kind enough to fix her broken wheel, but never asked the key back...

Should I throw it all out ? Memories of failed friendships, like splinters in my eye. Staples perforating my heart... if I pull them out, will the bleeding ever stop ?