Today, we make bread

It's easy to get up in the morning when you have something to look forward too.
Today I had a couple things planned.

I got up at 7.30 and watched some TV till 8am.
Then I replaced all 4 tires of my car with the spare ones (I had wide tires mounted, but one of them has a leak)
It took me 49 minutes (!)

Now I'm researching how I can put the CD-player in my car instead of the cassette-deck.

In case I lose the information, here it is:

Clarion DRB 4275 CD player.
black: ground
red: after contact (permanent)
orange: lights
blue: automatic antenna
yellow: memory (after key) (?)
brown: right rear +
brown/white: right rear -
grey: right front +
grey/black: right front -
white: left front +
white/black: left front -
green: left rear +
green/black: left rear -

On the internetz, I found the following:

Gray=right front+
Gray/Black=right front-
Green=left rear+
Green/Black=left rear-
Violet=right rear+
Violet/Black=right rear-
Yellow 14ga=battery main/memory
Yellow 18ga=batteryCeNet power/memory
Red=accessory(ignition on)
Blue=Antenna turn on+
Blue/White=remote turn on (amps)+
Brown=phone mute
Orange=parking brake video lockout
White/Red=CCD(camera)input instant on

It doesn't describe what I'm seeing on my CD-player, but I noticed the page was 404 and already in google cache ;) So I mirror it for your pleasure.

When I looked at the CD-player, I also noticed that the orange cable is not connected to a pin.

Ok, it's now 11.25am.
I've canibalised the cassette deck, cut all its wires and connected the CD-player. The connector for the antenna was broken in my car, so I had to fix it.
I sacrifised a couple of nails, a red marker, a coathanger, some matches and lots of tape to rebuild the connector.

And now I have sound in my car ! :) Both CD's and radio work well.
Unfortunately, the huge subwoofer in my trunk is not doing anything.
I should look into it later.

When I first switched on the CD-player, it started playing music. It appears the previous owner (my grandfather) forgot to take out the CD :)
It's a Frank Sinatra CD and not really my kind of music. I'll return it first chance I get.

It's now 8.14PM
I've made a bread, from scratch and its huge :)
It looks like it went really well too. I'll have a taste tonight.
While the bread was in the oven, I dug out 2 trees in the backyard. They were in the way for my next plan: a parallel parking excercise to practice on.

When (not if) I'm good at parallel parking and the other maneuvers, I'll go back to the driving school and ask a couple lessons after which I'll take my drivers exam again