enhanced vision

I spent an hour yesterday, putting my lenses in. I tried a number of techniques suggested on internet, but none of them really worked. So I invented one of my own. Instead of inserting a lens with my index finger, I put on my little finger. Also, I just look straight ahead and apply the lens. An important thing noone has yet mentioned to me, is that you need to apply the lens at the center of your eye (the iris). Once your finger is in your eye, you see nothing, so you have to feel what you're doing (sounds scary isn't it ? It is at first :) but after a couple times there's nothig to it). The iris feels like a small bump on your eye. When you put the lens there, it sticks by itself.

Yesterday I applied the lens after some time. I then poured a small amount of the lens liquid on the mirror and used it as a magnifying glass, to look at where the lens was.
I noticed that the lens was not centered around my iris. I was hoping this was just a mistake on my side and not a flaw in the lens. After putting in the lens today and checking it again, I'm pretty sure it was my mistake.

I inserted the lens on the second attempt today, so I'm improving :)
If I can remove it easily today, I might try inserting the left one too.

Removing the lens is not as easy at it appears. Yes, when you insert a lens it will "fall" out frequently. But once it sticks, there's no easy way to get it off.
I spent some time trying to get it off yesterday and it worked. I touch the lens with my little finger, and then look up and slide the lens down at the same time. Then, I squeeze the lens with my thumb and index finger. When I blink then, the lens comes out. I hope I can repeat this today :)

On a side not, it's strange not wearing glasses and being able to type this blog (and even read the teletext on the TV). I found I can even read the small letters on the instructions of my lens fluid.
Despite the advantages of these lenses, I can't help but feel naked without my glasses. I'm sure the feeling will subside.

I wonder what it feels like to have wind blowing in my eyes when I'm riding a bike :) Wearing glasses keeps the wind from your eyes, among other things like bugs, dust and pieces of concrete walls when you're rebuilding a house ;)

I've removed the lens, inserted it again and removed it again. I'm getting skilled at it :)
Removing the lens is done by looking up, the sliding down the lens while looking up and finally grabbing it between thumb and index finger (also while looking up)