enhanced vision

My contactlenses had arrived earlier this week and I had an appointment yesterday to learn how to put them in.
The girl at Pearl Vision (where I bought the contact lenses) (who is probably the best looking girl in this country btw, and I confirmed it after putting my glasses back on too) told me that my kind of lenses (torical) are the hardest to put in. And she was right I suppose.
I spent the first 30 minutes trying to put in the right lens, which succeeded. My eye was red from all the poking...
Then after trying to put in the left one for another 10 minutes, she told me it was probably best if I practiced at home ;)
Trying to remove the lens was not any easier. The thing just wouldn't get off.
In the end she took out the lens herself because the store was about to close. After she complimented me on my extraordinary patience, I was "allowed" to leave with the lenses.

The coming week I'm supposed to practice putting them both in. On thursday next week I have another appointment to get some kind of measurement on the lenses.

This site advises another way of inserting lenses. Maybe I should try that aswell.