automated installations (14)

I triggered something that I only saw once before.
The grub-installer is confused about where to install the bootsector and asks the user.
This is of course something I don't want to see in an automated installation.

Setting the grub-installer/bootdev value to "(hd0)" in preseed solves that problem.

I've now tested all combinations of 1 or 2 disks and single or RAID install. It works nicely :)
Wiping the disks with dd every time I install slows things down too much so I made it an installation feature. So far I've listed 4 installation features: WipeDisks, RAID, DRBD and KeepAlived. The last 2 do nothing yet and that's what I will work on next.

You want screenshot ?

At the moment, I have 8 screens where the user is prompted a question.
A lot of the answers can be precalculated. So I'm considering having a less "serial" configuration where the user has to go through all questions.

I'll make a single config menu where all precalculated answers are listed. The user can then select which ones to change.

Done! :)

it looks like this:

With option 8 leading to the previous screenshot.