automated partitions (13)

The 13 in the title is not promising, good thing I'm not superstitious :)

I had some problems with grub not wanting to install on the RAID system yesterday, but that's solved. I apparently didn't mention it in the blog from yesterday.

Inside the Debian installer, the RAID set is referred to as /dev/md/0, while the installed Debian environment refers to it as /dev/md0. Grub looks at the /etc/fstab on the target system when it executes grub-install (inside a chroot /target/) and then can't find /dev/md/0.

So, changing /dev/md/0 to /dev/md0 in /target/etc/fstab solved all the problems. The debian-installer happily installs grub as if nothing happened.

I've spent the rest of the day perfecting 2 scripts: make_partitions_single and make_partitions_raid. The first is to partition a single disk, the second to partition 2 disks in a RAID set.