ogre3d: it works

My 3D projects are getting way not enough attention.
I've looked at ogre3d once more today and finally found why it wouldn't work.

I installed the Debian packages for ogre3d (libs, -dev and -docs) and tried to compile the SampleApp.cpp provided on the website. This of course didn't work because ExampleApplication.cpp and ExampleApplication.h are required, both nowhere to be found except in the sourcecode...
After installing even more files lige plugins.cfg and so on, It would finally DO something. It just didn't do much :( All I saw was a small black window asking me to select a renderer. And I couldn't select anything.

Today I looked into plugins.cfg after a hint from google and made the plugins directory point to /usr/lib/OGRE

Now at least it shows something :)
Just nothing in 3D yet...

Screenshots soon ? I hope so