the latest media hype

I haven't been paying attention to the news lately, but now that I'm watching Actua TV I'm overwhelmed.

It appears a (claimed) turkish terrorist was sentenced to 4 years for whatever. She was under guard by the state security and the police (32 people in total) and she escaped the day after she was sentenced. Now there's a lot to do about how this could have happened.

From what I can find on the internet (online newspapers keep news online 1 day and then archive it and you need to pay for the archives, beh), the state security and the police were in conflict with eachother about how to guard the terrorist (Fehriye Erdal, a female "terrorist"). I think she escaped in the confusion.

The minister of internal affairs (Dewael) was in holidays at that time, and he came back (as he should) to oversee the shame. After arriving in Belgium I heard he left to wherever he was taking his holdays to, according to himself, be with his children.

The opposition parties are having a fieldday with all of this. First of all, they claim our national security sucks so much that they can't even guard 1 female terrorist. Next, they accuse the minister of not doing his job by returning to some foreign country (on holidays) instead of staying and facing the music.

While doing some research to see what the hell this is all about, I stumbled on this article:

(Interview with Bahar Kimyong�r, someone with ties to the forementioned female terrorist)

Waarvoor bent u precies aangeklaagd?

Ik ben in beschuldiging gesteld voor het vertalen van een perscommuniqu� van de DHKC. Het communiqu� ging over een dramatisch ongeluk met een militante die springstoffen vervoerde. Die zijn per ongeluk afgegaan in een bus, waarbij de militante en drie burgers zijn omgekomen. De DHKC heeft daarom destijds een communiqu� gepubliceerd om zich te excuseren tegenover de bevolking. In dit communiqu� nam de organisatie de volledige verantwoordelijkheid voor het ongeluk op zich.

I'll attempt to translate this freely:

What exactly are you being charged with ?

I've been charged with translating a press-release of the DHKC. The pressrelease was about the dramatic accident with a (female) militant who was transporting explosives. Those went off on accident in a bus, which killed the militant and 3 civilians. The DHKC published a press-release in which they apologised for this to the public. In that press-release, the organisation took the complete responsability for the accident.

How convenient. So someone happened to transport a bag of explosives, by bus, when it exploded. And then a terrorist organisation claimed they did it and apologised.
I never thought of it like that.

Probably, the "hijackers" of the planes that crashed in the WTC building on 11 september 2001, were trying to teach the pilots how to fly more efficiently and they accidently crashed into the building. Luckily, Al Qaeda apologised to the public for this. Otherwise we might have been offended.

What a load of crap