Now that the mainboard is picked, the new machine is getting some form.
The mainboard will be a MSI K8N-Diamond-54G, with Socket 939 processor. The people from MSI recommend a 450W power supply (w00t). I'm sure I'll need that anyway if the machine will have 6 disks.

Damnit, I just checked the snogard site again, and they are no longer selling the mainboard I want :( They still sell the more expensive version though, the K8N Diamond Plus

QuantityUnit PriceTotal Price
MainboardMSI K8N Diamond Plus1196,90 €196,90 €
ProcessorAthlon 64 3000+ Sockel 939, 1800MHz, Venice1139,90 €*139,90 €*
RAM1GB VS1GB533D2 DDR2 533, CL4199,90 €*99,90 €*
Data Harddisks6V300F0 300GB, 7200U/min, 16MB Cache, 9ms, S-ATA II, NCQ5109,90 €*550 €*
Root Harddisk6V080EO 80GB, 7200U/min, 8MB Cache, 9ms, S-ATA II, NCQ154,90 €*54,90 €*
VideoNX6200-TD128E 128MB, GeForce 6200, DDR, DVI, TV-Out, retail162,90 €*62,90 €*
TV cardHauppauge PVR5001??????
CaseDA-01BL-D o. Netzteil, blau174,90 €*74,90 €*
Power supplyTG480-U15 EasyCon 480 Watt, ATX/E-ATX, 1 Lüfter, S-ATA-Anschlüsse, PCIe, Silent184,90 €*84,90 €*
DVD writerDRW-1608P2S 16x DVD+/-R, 8x DVD+RW, 6x DVD-RW, 8x DVD+/-DL, 5x DVD-RAM, IDE, beige, bulk152,90 €*52,90 €*
1317.20 + TV-card

Power supply can be found under Gehäuse: Netzteile