my kingdom for a book

After going to Pearl Vision to buy me some contact lenses (they will call me when they arrive), I went to the book-fair with Spie.
There were some fine books last year and I remember that we spent quite some time over there last time. This year however, the choice was somewhat limited. And when I say limited I mean there were no good books. At all. I any category. At the entire fair.

I'm starting to become aware of the difference in knowledge between the average joe and university students...
You can find just about any book on computers that talks about how to do whatever in Windows, or how to use the internet (after 10 years, I think most people know how to use it, really). But if you look for some scientific work, where are you supposed to go ? Are there actually some fairs for scientific books ?
Well, we left much sooner than expected, and I didn't buy anything.

On a totally different subject, the battery of my car died again. Instead of jumpstarting again, I bought a battery charger this time. It works nicely and I'm sure I'll have to use it a lot in the future.