lame-ass bofh

I was surfing around and decided to take a look at the new BOFH episodes. After reading the last 3 or so, I came to the conclusion that Simon Travaglia (author of BOFH episodes) has lost his edge. BOFH these days is totally lame. It reminds me of the tough talk I sometimes hear when hanging out with other nerds. "Oh noes, I typed rm -rf / when I should actually have type ps" *geeky laughter follows* and then a part of me dies because I know why it should be funny to geeks but actually isn't.

BOFH is getting just like that. He used to get around just fine without having to resort to words. His superiority eradiated from the story. But I guess these days are over and I need to face the fact that I'm getting old, remembering the good old days...

I should start rereading the old BOFH episodes again. Without the stupid Boss and PFY, where users trembled in fear when they met the BOFH.

*I pick up the phone*
<me> Yes?
<BOFH> Hi, I'm the new version of the BOFH
<me> What's your username ?
*He tells me*