mondays suck

Ok, this has been the worst monday in the history of mondays.
I'm glad the day is over and I'm still alive.

Time to think about some fun stuff.
I finished the quest for a mainboard, researching all socket 939 mainboards that are listed on the snogard site. It would be lovely if someone designed some kind of protocol that described a piece of hardware in generic terms, for easy comparison. If all manufacturers put definitions of all their hardware online, you could do queries like: I want to see all mainboards with 4 SATA2 connectors, firewire, onboard video and a DVI connector.

Anyways, after all the research I've still not found a mainboard I want to buy (actually, I'm sick of looking at mainboard specs for the moment and will revisit this topic later)
I have however been thinking about usecases for my new multimedia center.

The server should serve the following functions: