it's alive !

I went to the city yesterday, wandering around a bit.
When I came by a store that sold them, I bought a pair of jumpstart/booster cables.
Hooked them up to mine and noot's car and it worked :)
It seems the only problem was the battery. It's charged a bit now, but I'll have to keep in mind to let the engine run for a while every time I start the car.

Last weekend I visited my gransparents and my grandfather gave me some interesting stuff to play with. The entire collection is : a car-radio with cd-player, a parkingsensor, a digital bloodpressure meter, an ADSL modem, a tube volt meter, a magnifying glass (25x40cm or so) and a USB nullmodem cable.

The took out the carradio from my car and tried to install the cd-player. The connections were different. In fact, they don't even look alike :) Luckily, my grandfather wrote down what each wire does and even proved sockets to screw new wires in.

I also bought a new table yesterday, which is wider than the one we have, but of equal length so we can put them together and have a huge table. This morning I also installed the new wireless access point I got for free at work. It's actually a Belkin wireless ADSL router, but if you shut everything off, you can use it as a bridge :)