I had an appointment with the cutest fitness instructor last friday. My schedule got upgraded, basically from 2 sequences of 12 repetitions to 3 of 15. Besides that, I'm now working on a whole new set of machines. When I came home friday I got a sick feeling and almost couldn't move. I like it :) With my previous schedule I had the same thing. The first 3-4 times I was dead after each visit to the fitness center. But not (after 20 or so sessions), I find most excersises easy.

This weekend I found the battery of my car is dead and the flat tire is back. That all sucks.
To top it off, our rustfree BBQ is starting to rust...

I spent the rest of the weekend washing, drying and folding all of my laundry, which is about every piece of clothing I own (I know I know, I should do more laundry, but its not one of my top-5 most favourite activites)
While doing laundry I also cleaned up my room.

For some reason I totally missed the planned PullThePlug meeting. I was hoping the meeting would get cancelled, but who am I kidding ;) I'm not that indispensible.

On sunday I went to a computer fair. It sucked. I remember computer fairs with lots and lots of exotic hardware. No such stuff at this fair, nono. There was mostly new hardware, printing paper, printer ink, CD's/DVD's, jewelry(!), toys(!), VCR's(!) and all kinds of other crap that doesn't belong at a COMPUTER FAIR. Besides all that, a hotdog cost 3 euro and a cola 2 euro. Whoever organised this: you suck.

In other news, the world went nuts last week over some cartoons.
I'm not sure what to think of all this. I suppose it was something waiting to happen. I sure hope the western world doesn't cave to the Muslim demands, because it would compromise the freedoms we like to promote so much. I don't understand what is so bad about a couple cartoons, even if they show their prophet. I wish they would be a bit more openminded and less long-toe-d. An act of freedom of speech should not invoke such a violent reaction. Maybe all the muslims need is a fresh can of ability to relativate.

I've heard some interesting stuff from things happening in Belgium. Apparently the AEL (Arabic European Liga) has published a number of cartoons as a reaction to the cartoons of Mohammed. They supposedly imply that the holocaust never happened, and some jokes about germans and jews.


FINALLY! :) Someone breaks the goddamn silence on this crap. People are too uptight. Do you know there is a law in Belgium that you can't declare the holocaust didn't happen ? I suppose it hurts the feelings of everyone who was in a concentration camp ? Or their children or relatives ? Well guess what: suck it up. I wish we wouldn't make laws about freedom of speech, and then change them when we see fit. If you want freedom, then you should accept that others have it too.