Getting up early ROCKS

I have a day off today because of university patronal holiday. They have half a day of activities planned and it all starts with the "March of the Togati", which consists of a bunch of professors parading in an official toga.
They do it at the start of the academic year too. I've never watched it.

So today I decided I would get up early and go look at that thing. There was nothing to it. I have pictures :)

After that (The entire thing was 1 hour late btw), I went to buy some books from a bookstore that went bankrupt. I got 5 books very cheap:

Computer and Intrusion Forensics by Mohay George

Bought it for 10 euro while the price on amazon is 76.50$ (70.75$ secondhand). I bought this book because of my interest in the field

Handbook of Virtual Humans by N. Magnenat-Thalmann

Bought it for 10 euro, sells for 137.89$ on amazon (109.99$ secondhand). I got it because of interest for computer graphics and the SOGLD thing I wrote a while ago

Kickin' Bot : An Illustrated Guide to Building Combat Robots by Grant Imahara

I bought it for 5 euro, sells for 16.49$ on amazon (4.97$ secondhand). I got it because of my interest in robotics and it can be something I can use PET melting for. The whole thing probably also has good tips and ideas to motorize noot's telescope

LAN Party : Hosting the Ultimate Frag Fest by William "The Ferrett" Steinmetz

Bought it for 5 euro, sells for 16.49$ on amazon (2.95$ secondhand). I got it because the LAN-parties I've organised so far all sucked. I wonder if there is anything good in this book that can help me with the next lanparty

Designing Digital Computer Systems with Verilog by David J. Lilja and Sachin S. Sapatnekar

Bought it for 5 euro, sells for 55$ on amazon (34.98$ secondhand). I bought it because I plan to educate myself a bit on digital electronics and FPGA programming. Verilog is similar to VHDL, the hardware description layer.

That makes for a total of 302.37$ (223.64$ secondhand) I would have paid, but I got everything for 35 euro. I'd say that's a good deal :)

After that, I went to the local secondhand shop and bought a wash-drying machine. I'm gonna pick it up right after this blog message. I also bought an alarmclock...

Whew! Now I just finished lunch and my day was already full. It's more fun to get up early in the morning and do lots of things :) I should do it more often.

Plans for the afternoon: get a savings account, see if I can buy a photocamera and whatever I feel like.