actua tv

I got sick of having to go to preset 13 or 15 to watch some channels I like (noot set the channels to those presets because its the same setting he uses at home)

So I reprogrammed the TV to preset those channels to preset 0 and 99.
In doing so, I discovered a new channel called "Actua TV" which is a channel that has only politics on it.

A real relief! These days TV-stations seem to be competing to broadcast the most mindnumbing crap they can find. All kinds of gameshows, "reality" shows, sports and sensational TV. Where is the quality ?? Where are the movies ? The scientific shows ??

People are born smart, and then they become morons by looking at this TV-junk all day long.

Anyway, back to this Actua TV.
I'm looking at an interview with some minister. These days noone can wait to brand you a rascist when you give a remark about some social problems like immigrants. Saying things like "Immigrants should be treated like everyone else. If they commit a crime they should go to jail. None of this 'But he had a bad childhood' and other crap.", you can get a reply like "Wow! You think all immigrants are criminals ? You're a rascist!") You'd think they would have some basis of fact to call you a rascist then, but no. I think people are just quick to label you, so they can prove to the rest of the world that they have "an opinion". Little do these people know that they are just being influenced by mainstream politics and TV-stations (best brainwashing machines I have ever seen) to THINK that they have an opinion, but actually they just repeat what some "famous" people say about some topic. Just imagine it! Hordes of people who copy the opinion of someone, but don't know the arguments to back it up.

Well, I'm drifting again.
So this minister is talking about immigrants (allochtonen in Dutch, may need a better translation)
and how he believes that there is a problem with participation of them in our society.
Then he goes on to say that he has never seen immigrants or their parents/children in Technopolis (a place where people can learn and experiment with science: and he wonders why. "We must encourage these people to come there too"


Sometimes I which politicians would be in the same room when they say idiot things like this.
You've never seen immigrants in techopolis ? Really ? HOW COULD YOU TELL YOU JACKASS??

It's not because you're an immigrant that you wear a sign saying "Hey! look at me!"
Immigrants come in all shapes and colors. Some have different skin color, some dress different, some speak a different language. But there ARE immigrants who look exactly like you and me and who have completely integrated in our society.

So excuse me for all you people with an "opinion", but if you wanna talk about immigrants in this way, get your brain straight. If you say stupid things like this, YOU'RE THE RASCIST.
All people are people. When I think of immigrants I think of Swedish people or Americans. I don't think about Turks or Moroccans. Maybe all you people branding others "rascist" should do that too ?