Close, but no cigar

Life without a laptop sure is different. Or should I say "life without a computer", since I have none left.

I broke my record again on saturday: 1031KCal. After that, I did 4 machines of laundry (!) and improvised stuff to dry my clothes (unfortunately, no pictures of that, you can thank the burglars for that)
We're making plans to install an intrusion detection system. More information on that later I suppose, as I wouldn't want to give any details away to you lurking burglars.
The police asked me to contact the owner of the house so he could fill out a statement and send it back to the police. Since we can't reach the owner directly, I had to contact his representative (which happens to be a lawyer) He was not available in the weekend, and not yesterday morning. I managed to get a hold of him at noon and he told me some juridical stuff of which I couldn't make any sense. Then he told me he would have to contact some courtroom and told me that I should contact HIM later.

Ok, what the hell ? I tried to call him a couple of hours later, but no answer.
So far, I'm not liking this guy a lot. We'll see if he answers today...

I might be able to get a laptop by the end of the week. It would also be a Dell D610, but with 1GB RAM instead of 512MB and an ATI Radeon X300 instead of the crappy Intel 915GM card I had.
So far, so good :) This laptop would be better than the stolen one, except that it doesn't have a DVD-RW :(
But that could get fixed I suppose. For now, I can put in the CDRW/DVD combo drive Dell sent us first in error. They never came to pick them up, so yay

Quite not to my surprise, ULYSSIS mailed back today that they won't put the Ekonomika server in front of their firewall. This is sad news, but I can't say its illogical. I couldn't believe they said "yes" at first, because if I were still in ULYSSIS, I would have never allowed it. It sets a precedent for other servers and doesn't make ULYSSIS look good.
So, the Ekonomika server will still be dependant on the services of ULYSSIS (firewall and switches). In the event of a powerfailure, a UPS would have to power all those to keep Ekonomika online. Since the Ekonomika board-of-directors hasn't decided yet whether they will pay for the 1500VA UPS I had in mind, I should probably consider other options. I will put a page online with the status of Ekonomika and the ULYSSIS network, but obviously not on a server on the ULYSSIS network.

Also, this year I would like to be in time with my Christmas cards. I'm currently writing them and I have good hopes that they will be delivered in time ;) (If the Postal service cooperates...)