Some more pictures and a new world record!

I managed to put online all of my Pictures yesterday. They are current in the "sorted" album. All 2.8GB of them (about 3500 pictures). I had to upload them more or less manually since drupal wouldn't let me upload more than 200 at once. But I got it done. Another step closer to losing the old site.

More scientific news today! Last tuesday I burned 617 KCal by cycling. Yesterday it was 861KCal by cycling 1 hour and rowing 20 minutes. I would have gone for 1MCal, but they kicked me out because of closing time ;)

Since it takes 1 Cal (4.186 J) to heat 1 gram of water up by 1 degree Celsius (water in liquid form), I could have boiled 8.61 liters of water with what I burned yesterday. Not such a bad thing to think about, especially since I feel exhausted today.

I've been working on nemo's challenge, and I know how to solve it, but not the exact procedure. It involves sending signals at the right time. I know that if a process is stopped, the signals are stored in a bitlist and processed when the process is continued.
However, not in the order I want...