What a weekend

We had one hell of a busy weekend.

It started last friday with the little party given by Nixe. He made Canard a l'Orange for the guests, but of course I was there to enjoy it too ;)


As you can see in the pictures, it was a success. The mist you see hanging around in most of the pictures is because the oven was a bit too enthousiastic :)

After the party, it started to snow(!).


At first we thought it would melt away like it always does here in Belgium, but instead it kept snowing overnight and when I woke up the whole world was under a white blanket.
I had the most interesting bike-trip to the city that saturdaymorning. I almost fell on my face and some car thought I needed a shower. I any case, I got my new glasses! They cost around 680 euro and fit me really well said the store lady (I should think so, for 700 euro). At some point I should make before and after photos...

The plan was to start painting the livingroom on saturdaymorning, but as I predicted, we didn't start 'till around 14h.


We had removed all the crap (like a paper strip and nails) from the walls and filled the holes in the walls earlier that week. The painting was painful, but a success. Suffice it to say that after 3 layers of paint, we now had 1 white and 3 red walls combined with a very huge mess. At the beginning we were very careful to not drop paint on the floor. By the end we had already figured out that the paint could be easily removed with some water, and the floor was a real mess.
The furniture was all over the place and covered with a couple layers of plastic.

Cleaning up was a lot more fun. We scrubbed the paint from the floors, and I electrocuted myself putting back the plastic covers on the power outlets in the wall. Now everything looks lovely :) (As you can see in the pictures)

An unfortunate side-effect of the whole livingroom-repainting, is that the cablemodem is broken :(
I'll have to contact the ISP to see what is wrong with it. Untill they fix it, we're unplugged.

Speaking of unplugging, I did some efforts to get more people on the new Fun University website. There are now 10 registered users and soon, the first 2 challenges will be posted.