livingroom redesigned

I'm sitting in our newly designed livingroom today.
Nixe was cleaning up yesterday when he suggested that it might be better if we moved the diningroom furniture and livingroom furniture around and we did.
It certainly looks more efficient this way. I'll upload a picture when I take one (and when I manage to get an easy interface to do so)

I've been looking at the img_assist code to see if I can fit in code to support acidfree albums. It looks easy enough, and I might be experimenting with it later today.
Things I still need to make uploading pictures not a pain in the ass:
- Windows XP Publish to web facility
- an easy way to add images from acidfree into any node (i.e. img_assist, but modified to use acidfree backend)
- a faster way to rotate images once they have been uploaded
- an easier way to create an acidfree album

Maybe I can make a perlscript that will automagically create an acidfree album and upload an entire batch of pictures into it. Something like the script from image_pub, but for use with acidfree.

In other news, I think I will by myself a Spartan 3 High Volume Starter Kit Bundle from Xilinx to fiddle with FPGAs a bit

For today, I plan to go through the rest of this 1800-page NetScreen manual (of which I've read 670 pages so far) and hope my eyes don't burn out by reading all that "we have our own terminology" blabber...