acidfree patch for img_assist!

Finally, I patched img_assist so it would work together with acidfree.
Besides now being able to insert pictures in every node (img_assist inserted links, I changed it to be able to insert thumbnails), one can now browse the acidfree photo albums and make a choice from that. It's a dirty patch, but it works. If you install it without acidfree installed, it will screw up :)



I also fixed some bugs, of which the most important one is the "max preview size" or something which switches to displaying links instead of thumbnails in the img_assist popup window, when there are too many thumbnails to be displayed. Somehow, the counter used counted too much photos, which is now fixed.
Another "bug" is that in the preview pane of the img_assist window, the entire picture would be loaded, rescaled and displayed, all on the client side. This is of course not what I wanted :) I'm not going to download a 800KB photo to see it resized in a small window, when I want to preview it. That's what thumbnails are for! (also fixed in the patch)

Because of the way I coded this patch (I mapped the acidfree image ID's onto regular image ID's, but with an offset of 1000000) you can run into trouble if you have more than a third of a million pictures in the standard image database. Since I don't plan to use that, I'm safe :)