700 euros for new glasses

The local student restaurants (called ALMA) have a discount for students and personnel. Actually, it's not really a discount: If you can't show your student-card or personnel-card, you have to pay extra.

Since I've moved to this new house, which happens to be about 50 meters away from an ALMA restaurant, I've started going there more often. The food is ok, its cheap and its easy.

Today was another story. We planned a day of shopping, and would start that day with lunch at ALMA.
"Are you a student ?" asked the cashier
"No, but I'm personnel" I said, while showing my card and expecting the same discount as the students (something that has always been the rule I believe)
"That doesn't count today"

What the hell!?
Well, no big deal :) It's not like I'm poor, but I did happen to have almost no cash on me...

After lunch, we set out to look for new glasses for me. The pair I have now are at least 10 years old. In the 3 stores we visited, I think I tried on every model they had. I did find a nice model, but I'm not sure if I want to buy it yet... The frame itself costs 312 euro, while a single glass costs 180 euros.
That's crazy! I wonder how my parents ever managed to pay for all this?
The lady behind the counter of the last store noticed that my current glasses were broken and fixed them for me. Free of charge! It's nice to know there are still friendly and helpful people out there. (The store is Optiek Nathalie Bladt, Mechelsestraat 44, 3000 Leuven and it apparently has a website)

Since I had nothing planned for the rest of the day, I joined my friend when she went to buy some clothes.

I don't understand why women take so long to pick some clothes to buy (but I'm glad they do, since they look splendid most of the time :) )

Other things done today: washed some kitchentowels, fixed my bike and went to drink something without any cash on me

I've often wished that my life was more eventful, but when I write things down like this, plenty of things are already happening in my life :)
It was once again a nice day, mainly due to my excellent company